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From the Florida Department of Financial Services 

Many people are not aware that the Florida Department of Financial Services has an Unclaimed Property Division. Common types of “unclaimed property” include, bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance proceeds, refunds, and proceeds from the sale of property.


Sometimes when a business closes abruptly, or a person leaves the state, or when a relative passes away, the property that remains is remitted to the Florida Department of Financial Services. In fact, according the Florida Division of Unclaimed Property, as many as one in five Floridians has unclaimed funds from a forgotten financial account.*


If you think you might have unclaimed property or funds, The Ford Law Office can guide you through the process and submit a claim on your behalf for the return of the unclaimed property. Contact us for a free consultation and a search for your unclaimed property.

* According to FloridaTreasureHunt. gov

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