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Reviewing the Laws


Contracts, Settlement Agreements, Forfeiture, Unclaimed Property, Civil Theft

The Ford Law Office represents individuals and businesses in a variety of civil matters. Our practice areas include drafting and reviewing contracts, settlement agreements, leases, partnership agreements and incorporating business. The firm files claims on behalf of our clients for the return of unclaimed property, and in forfeitures cases. We also represent both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil litigation.  


The Ford Law Office is familiar of the unique pitfalls in representing clients in civil matters when there is a concurrent criminal case or the potential for criminal charges. When an employee, business associate, or other professional is facing a criminal charge, they are sometimes sued in civil court as well. These suits often include claims of fraud, civil theft, conversion, and breach of contract. The loss may not have been the result of any criminal act, but simply a mistake or a poor business decision. However, special care is needed when defending a civil suit while also dealing with a criminal charge or the potential for a criminal charge. 

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